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A Look Into Elderberry: What You Need to Know

Elderberry has a long history of healing, dating back to centuries-old village doctors and modern commercial laboratories. It has a long history of use as a traditional treatment for the common cold and influenza. It's been a staple in home cures for a very long time.

Yet elderberry, scientifically known as Sambucus nigra, is also an essential component of contemporary commercially available pharmaceuticals, such as extracts and cough syrups. Both should be kept in your family's medicine cabinet, even though there are variations between a home cure and one that will be sold in a store.

The elderberry is regarded as one of the most healing plants in folk medicine today.

According to recent studies, the anthocyanins found in elderberries support a balanced population of good gut bacteria. Combining elderberry with other supplements, such as vitamin D, zinc, omega-3, curcumin, and probiotics, may have a synergistic effect on immune and respiratory health.

The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with immune-boosting minerals such as Vitamin C and Zinc. Antioxidants and vitamins found in elderberry berries and flowers may help strengthen your immune system. They might also help to control inflammation, relieve stress, and safeguard your heart. Elderberry is suggested by some medical experts as a way to prevent and treat cold and flu symptoms. Additionally, the researchers discovered that elderberries may help cut the duration of colds and flu by as much as 50%.

According to the findings, elderberry treatment at the first sign of upper respiratory symptoms led to significantly shorter overall symptom durations when compared to placebo. Regardless of pathology (influenza vs. a common cold), it was discovered that the supplement produced a medium to large reduction in symptoms; however, a larger effect was noted among patients with influenza. As the elderberry supplement was found to be equally effective in people who received the influenza vaccine or not, vaccination history also didn't seem to have any bearing on the elderberry's overall effects.

An Effective Compound Called Flavonoids

Elderberry's flavonoids are what make it such a powerful therapeutic, whether used as a finished product or a home treatment. Flavonoids are the compounds involved in the plant's secondary metabolism. There are two different types of metabolic activities in plants: primary, which are involved in growth and development, and secondary, which are functions that help the plant but are not directly required for its existence. A few examples of the plant's secondary metabolism include color and defense mechanisms.

Benefits of Elderberry

Elderberry for Immunity. 
Helps in combatting cancer. Test-tube studies have revealed some cancer-inhibiting qualities in both European and American elder.

  •  Combats dangerous bacteria.
  •  Boosts immune system.
  •  Possible UV radiation defense.
  •  May improve urination.
  •  Possesses potential antidepressant qualities.

Science Facts on Elderberry

Elderberry for Respiratory Health
Elderberry may be a safe option for treating viral respiratory illness, and there is no evidence that it overstimulates the immune system.

Elderberry for Respiratory HealthSupplementation with elderberry was found to reduce upper respiratory symptoms substantially. The quantitative synthesis of the effects yielded a sizeable mean effect size. These findings present an alternative to antibiotic misuse for upper respiratory symptoms due to viral infections and a potentially safer alternative to prescription drugs for routine common cold and influenza cases.

Vitamin C and ImmunityVitamin C contributes to immune defense by supporting both innate and adaptive immune systems' cellular functions.

Zinc for Respiratory HealthAlthough Zn's therapeutic effects are considered inconsistent, the existing evidence-based data indicate the efficiency of Zn supplementation and improvement of Zn status in preventing pneumonia and its complications due to the anti-inflammatory effect of zinc. 

Benefits of Elderberry & Vitamin C Gummies

  • Boosts immunity. Vitamin C contributes to immune defense by supporting both innate and adaptive immune systems' cellular functions.
  • Increases energy. Glucose syrup present in the gummies prevents a sugar low throughout the day.
  • Eases cold and flu symptoms. Elderberry and Vitamin C have been shown to fight against cold and flu in the body.
  • Improves iron absorption. Vitamin C improves iron absorption in the body for healthier blood flow.

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