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Empowering women (and their allies) to take control of their health and save their lives, through breast health awareness and proactive prevention.


Your breast health and your life are in your hands (literally). 
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Breast screening is not only an absolute necessity for every screening eligible woman but it's also every woman's  essential luxury.  

Lilly Women's Health (LWH) is the only personalized, comprehensive, and preventive
Breast Care provider in Nigeria and all of Africa with a state of the art facility operated by Harvard educated and internationally trained breast care specialists. 

Lilly Women's Health exists to save women's lives from breast cancer through early detection, in the most caring, nurturing, empowering and Woman for Woman™ way. 

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No woman should die from breast cancer due to delayed detection, insufficient, second-class treatment procedure and the lack of personalized medical support system. 


At Lilly Women's Health, women are cared for only by experienced and internationally accredited breast health care specialists using the most modern facility and technology.

We provide a seamless care continuum for women, from screening to treatment to after-care and support.

Abnormalities are diagnosed quickly - in one day. A woman diagnosed with suspicious abnormalities feels supported and safe; she has all the information she needs to make informed decisions; she definitely knows when her next appointment will be, she gets reminded of it at the appropriate date and time and she knows what the next steps are.

Our modern information technology allows images to be quickly transferred between centres and read remotely. All providers involved in screening, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up, work as an interdisciplinary team with the patient as the focus. Providers in rural and remote communities will be able to consult with experts in urban centres using tele-health technology. 

The Effects of  Breast Cancer Epidemic:

Tens of Thousands of Deaths. 
About 30,000 women in Nigeria die of breast cancer every year due to delayed detection. And the the numbers are growing by leaps and bounds!

So, why the delay? It's mainly because women aren’t motivated to get screened by local screening centres due to the following reasons:

For those who have the financial means for breast screening:

1. Uncomfortable and negligent breast care environment
2. Unreliable and aging equipment and technology
3. Long waiting time from appointment to screening to diagnosis
4. Lack of experts and specialization
5. Distance
6. Lack of time/Too busy
7. Fear of pain
8. General lack of confidence in local service providers

For those who don’t have the financial means for breast screening:

1. Lack of awareness about the necessity of breast screening
2. Fear of pain
3. They feel fit and healthy and think they don’t need to be screened
4. No easy and/or regular access to breast screening centers
5. Too costly 

Motherless Children / Maternal Orphans.

Studies also showed that the number of maternal orphans due to breast cancer exceeds the number of breast cancer deaths among women in sub-Saharan Africa. For every 100 deaths in women younger than 50 years, there were 210 new orphans.

Economic Burden.

Due to medical costs, productivity losses from morbidity and premature mortality, and healthcare expenses, cancer places a financial burden on patients, healthcare systems, and nations.

So what should be done to help resolve these issues? At Lilly Women's Health, we effectively use what we call as the LWH Solutions™.


"There is no more neutrality in this world.
You're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem."

—Eldridge Cleaver

At Lilly Women's Health, we choose to not only be a big part of the solution but also to be the consummate leader in empowering each and everyone to be part of it!  
The LWH solutionsTM is our three-pronged approach in winning the fight against breast cancer. It stands for the following:

Loving and person-centered care

No unanswered emails, no unattended phone calls, no long queues! Easy booking of appointments and quick results too! You'll receive the means and support to make informed decisions and choices.

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Woman for Woman™ Initiative

With every breast care service that one pays Lilly Women's Health for, we help another woman in need of breast care particularly in Nigeria. Together with our partners and collaborators, we visit the most remote areas in Nigeria to connect with women in need of breast care and see to it that they get the gift of life, one screening a year, one woman at a time, Woman for Woman™.

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Healthy, happy, and empowering sanctuary

Our modern facility under the expert hands of internationally trained breast care professionals is located in a relaxed, pampering, resort-like environment where breast screening experience is one that is of joy, inspiration and empowerment.

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