"The more that you read,
the more things you will know.
The more that you learn,
the more places you'll go.

Dr. Seuss,  I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

Breasts for Keeps: 6 Simple Ways to Love Your Breasts and Keep Them Healthy for Life

“By the way, your boobs are perfect!” - Anonymous

Most of us want to have someone in our life for keeps. The truth is when you find the person you know you’ll be spending your “forever” with, you are for certain going to do your very best and work your hardest to keep them. Finding someone who puts you first, and whom you can put first, is key to a happy, healthy relationship and a long lasting life of togetherness.

It’s the same with your breasts. If you want your breasts to grow old with you and stay with you for as long as you both shall live, you’ll do your best to keep them happy, healthy and strong at all times. True, we aren’t perfect, we make mistakes and there may be times when we neglect our boobies once in a while but we’ll always go back to being loving breast owners if we keep them top of mind.

Let your breasts know that you’re a keeper for life. Follow the following simple ways to show how much you love them:

1. Stop the judgment and criticisms. It’s an attack you make against yourself and there’s nothing constructive about it. Too small, too big, saggy, not perky, dark nipples, no nipples, the left one is bigger than the right one, etc. It doesn’t really matter. All breasts are unique. Your boobs are not likely to be the same as your favorite celebrities’ or as anybody else’s. And that’s perfectly fine! Celebrate your individuality rather than berate yourself for the shape, size, and state of your breasts. Accept them for what they are -- imperfectly perfect!

2. If you have a personal or family history with breast cancer, it cannot be avoided to feel like you’re standing on the edge of a cliff waiting for your turn to be pushed down. However, you must overcome that fear. And the way to overcome it is by having the right knowledge about your breast health and by taking responsibility for your own body. Breast cancer may be a threat to you but you have power over it. Click for what you need to know and do if you have a personal or family history with breast cancer.

3. Start giving them some tender loving care! Acknowledge their existence! Lovingly touch and feel them yourself on a regular basis. Massage your breasts in a very respectful way by doing a routine breast self-exam. Breast self-exam (BSE), or regularly examining your breasts on your own, can help you detect breast cancer early. It is a tool you can use that involves touching your breasts in a specific pattern, looking for changes. This will help you detect lumps and anything unusual about your breasts. Of course, the earlier a breast cancer is detected, the more likely for you to be treated successfully. Not every cancer can be exposed this way, but it is an essential step you can and must do for yourself.

We offer a FREE Breast self-exam tool for all of our readers to help you love your breasts more. Download the tool here. Your breast health is in your hands (literally!)

4. Nurture them by nurturing yourself. Maintain a healthy weight by eating healthy and exercising daily. Sleep well. Limit Alcohol intake. Have fun. Learn to say No. Just take care of your whole well-being.

5. Start getting them checked by professionals. Get a mammogram at least once a year if you are 35 years old and above and average risk. Most of us women, would hire a professional mani-pedi expert to do our nails; get a professional hair stylist to groom our hair or to put a NGN25,000 (at least) beautiful wig on our lovely head; avail of a professional massage therapist to calm and relax our body. But why do we not want to have a professional breast care expert to take care of our breasts? Why are we hesitant to save our lives by doing a mammogram in a highly specialized breast care centre like Lilly Women’s Health? You have no problem getting a mani-pedi at least once a week or once a month and yet you take issues with getting a mammogram once a year. Are your nails more important than your breasts? Do you love them more than you love your breasts? Do you care more for a wig than for your health? Ladies (and gentlemen), let’s be fair. Every part of our body deserves to be pampered and loved.  Let’s love all of our body parts including (if not more especially) our breasts.

Schedule a yearly mammogram now in the nearest and reliable breast care center. You can also schedule it with us. You can book your appointment here or call us at the following numbers: 0906 000 5897 or 0908 700 0030.

6. Start loving them now. Don’t wait until they leave you.

“You only realize the importance of someone when they’re gone.” Does this quote sound familiar to you? This applies to your breasts too. Don’t wait too long to show them you love them. They may not be there anymore (or perhaps they’re about to leave you) when you finally realize that you’ve taken them for granted for so long.

Often we fail to realize the beauty and importance of the breasts we have because we’re always out there looking for something better. The truth is you already have the best ones!

Don’t wait until you lose them. Healthy breasts are breasts that are cared for and loved. Breasts that are loved are the perfect breasts! Yesterday was the best time to start loving them. Only you can do this for you. You are the guardian goddess of your breasts. Protect and guard them with your life. Pay homage to their years of loyal duty. Reward them for their service, purpose and promise. Appreciate them for their beauty. Love them for what they are! Love them now!