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5-HTP: Benefits, Side Effects, Right Dosage and Recommended Supplement

L-5 hydroxytryptophan, also known as 5-HTP, is a naturally occurring chemical that your body creates. According to research, the supplement enhances both your brain and sleep quality. We're going in-depth to offer you a thorough picture of 5-HTP because of this.

A "happy substance" for your brain, the substance is a precursor to serotonin. Similar to dopamine, serotonin is related to happiness. Individuals take it as a supplement to increase serotonin naturally.

Decreased serotonin levels have been related to a variety of health issues, including anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, and depression. For these reasons, 5-HTP supplements are becoming increasingly popular.

Manufacturers get the substance from the African Griffonia simplicifolia plant. You can only get the substance from supplements. So there is no food that contains 5-htp.

Introduced in the year 1990, it is used as an antiepileptic and antidepressant.

It is a supplement that can be converted into serotonin in the body, which has sparked interest in its use to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other conditions.

Typically, people produce enough for regular functioning, but some require supplementation.

Taking a 5-HTP supplement daily in doses between 50 and 300 milligrams may lessen the symptoms of depression, binge eating, persistent headaches, and insomnia, according to one study.

Studies have shown that 5-HTP supplements can help with depression relief. A few studies revealed that 5-HTP was just as effective as some antidepressants. Supplemental 5-HTP also appears to be beneficial for fibromyalgia symptoms. In some studies, it reduced pain, stiffness in the morning, and sleep issues.

5-HTP appears to be very absorbable, according to research. Approximately 70% of an oral 5-HTP supplement that is taken into the body is absorbed into the bloodstream, according to an older review from 1998.

According to another review of sleep disorder treatments, 5-HTP may be helpful in treating arousal disorders like sleepwalking and sleep terrors.

In a different project, 10 overweight women who took a 5-HTP supplement for 4 weeks were among the 20 overweight women being studied. For an identical period of time, the other 10 women consumed a placebo. According to the study's findings, women who took 5-HTP reported feeling more sated or full after eating, which resulted in a reduction in food intake. Additionally, 5-HTP-taking women had a lower BMI (BMI).

Benefits of 5-HTP

  • 5-HTP for SerotoninMany illnesses, including melancholy, fibromyalgia, binge eating related to obesity, chronic headaches, and insomnia, have been successfully treated with the therapeutic dose of 5-HTP.

  • 5-HTP and DepressionWhen compared to placebo, repeated-measures analysis showed a substantial reduction in depression symptoms following the 50-mg 5-HTP treatment, according to the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale.

  • 5-HTP for SleepThe production of melatonin, which is crucial for controlling sleep, is increased by serotonin.

  • 5-HTP and AnxietyA significant anxiety reduction was observed on three different anxiety scales. It is suggested that 5-HTP systems may be involved in anxiety mediation.

  • 5-HTP and ObesitySignificant weight loss was observed in 5-HTP-treated patients. A reduction in carbohydrate intake and a consistent presence of early satiety were also found. Together with the good tolerance observed, these findings suggest that 5-HTP may be safely used to treat obesity.

5-HTP Side Effects

  • Serotonin synthesis is increased by antidepressant and sleep aid medications. You put yourself in danger when you mix these medicines with 5-htp, which likewise raises serotonin levels in your body. Serotonin syndrome, a hazardous condition, is brought on by an excess of serotonin.

  • The reasons of serotonin syndrome are many (taking too much Seroxat). Although 5-htp (or l-tryptophan) has no risks when taken alone, we advise consulting your doctor if you also take two or more medications that raise serotonin levels. We do not advise combining 5-htp with other powerful serotonin boosters in order to reduce danger.
  • So what are serotonin-enhancing drugs? Think antidepressants, prescription pain relievers, and prescription sleep aids.

    So if you take medication, we strongly recommend that you ask your doctor or physician if you can combine 5-HTP with your medication.

The Right 5-HTP Dosage

To sleep better, take between 100-300mg about half an hour to 45 minutes before going to bed. Start with the lowest possible dose.

Your body converts 5-HTP into serotonin, which in turn makes you feel better and improves the production of melatonin. If you take medication, it is important to check with your doctor for safety.

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